Friday, July 6, 2012

Horse Riding Showdown

Ashley's like a bad ass.  She grew up on horses and has won all kinds of World Champion medals.  I would be more specific, but that's all I know.  She's so humble and stooped down to our horse riding level during our country time on the 4th.

We cleaned them off and got them ready for some pure preschool riding fun!
(Paul took this picture when I wasn't looking.  I think he was impressed with my brushing skills.)

Justin was first up and he was a little gun shy.

 ...but he quickly became cowboy cool.

Paul and I were up next and I couldn't wait to see him ride.

I use to ride quite frequently but I haven't been on the back of a horse since my back accident.  I chose Friday to be my guinea pig.  He was being a slow poke, so we fit perfectly.  

Paul was trying to tell Katie to go backwards.
(Thanks Whitney for taking pictures of Paul and me!)

I love this picture of Whitney.  She was so calm and collected on Ghost.

Justin's pup, Cooper, was going bizerk trying to tell Ghost what was up.  Ghost listened for awhile and then headed into the barn for a shower.

Gotta love a dirt bath after getting all clean.

Thanks Ashley!

Love, Sarah


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