Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting to Speak

A friend and I went to Celebrity Bakery for lunch yesterday.  We had an interesting conversation starting with picking out each others worst tendencies.  ...after pretending we were both perfect, it became us declaring our personal worst.  

We both brought up waiting to speak.  

Now that might sound polite and unselfish, but personally I think it's the rudest thing imaginable.  It's where you don't necessarily listen to the person talking to you, but you wait for them to finish speaking for you to say what you wanted to say.  It's extremely one sided and you might as well talk to yourself in a mirror.

It's not like you do it to everyone or even all the time.  I might not of even noticed it if we hadn't had this conversation.  It's scary to think that you could be doing this without even realizing.  I want to become a better listener.  A confidant that takes your words to heart and gives you a sound board that listens with intent.  

Love, Sarah


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