Sunday, October 14, 2012

Katie's Bachelorette Weekend - Fredericksburg, TX

This weekend I went down with my friends to celebrate Katie McKinley's bachelorette party in Fredericksburg.  Her friend opened her family's party home to us and we partied the whole time.

Katie was her sorority's president and I felt this weekend was the closest thing to being in a sorority as I will ever get to.  Personalized everything, schedules, one easy payment for the whole weekend, organized to the "t", and perfected group pictures.  I LOVED it.  

The first night we had a lingerie shower and really got to know everyone that came.  We took full advantage of the fireplace and hot tub - couldn't of been more perfect.

Katie soaking in the view before breakfast.

Wait, what?!  Then yes, a baby kangaroo came in to say hi.  

The owner Max, has two kangaroo's, elk, fainting goats, bob cat, and a horse on the property.

After we calmed down over the kangaroo, we all got ready for our wine tour afternoon. 

I love this girl.

Of course being the professionals that they are we had a bus to take us all over Fredericksburg. 

First stop - Pedernales Cellars 

The four of us all worked together at Children's Medical Center.  Isn't it amazing how jobs can produce life long friendships? 

We did a flight tasting of their nine wines. 

They grew and sold lavender products as well. 

We all used our wine glass holders that the perfect Katie gifted to us. 

 The band played Katie a song before we headed out.

Third vineyard - 4.0 Cellars 
We did another flight and then headed outside to share a couple bottles.

Nicole looking amazing. 

I snuck off with the bride and her maid-of-honors to get a couple quick pictures. 

While heading back to the house we all jumped out of the bus to see the zebras close up.  

I don't think they could be anymore precious.

 Now you knew we couldn't skip getting dressed up and hitting the country town, did you?

 I'm going to end with this picture right here - taken in the beginning of the night.  Let's just say we all had fun.

Bye Twin Boar Ranch...

We couldn't thank the owner enough for his hospitality.


Love, Sarah


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You are one special friend SKB.

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