Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's funny, at lunch yesterday someone was describing me to someone I didn't know.  He was saying how I have a home in Costa Rica, a wonderful husband, an adopted tiger, and how I'm living the life.  I was thinking in my head, who is he talking about?  I honestly hope I don't come off as someone having this perfect life.  I do however think I'm in a really great and smooth time in my life, but that could go away in a flash.  I have also been through some tough times and never take for granted what I currently have.  

If you've followed this blog for awhile you know my story through a verbally abusive first marriage (click here for story), I moved back in with my parents and worked three jobs, I went through an accident that damaged my spine and have been through a struggling three years healing it, and finding my spot in my career.

All of those things seem like a piece of cake to fight for my happiness.  I think happiness is all in your perspective.  I enjoy tough times.  It's kind of ridiculous whenever I'm in pain or going through something challenging I never pray for God to fix it.  I ask him to help me endure it.  I don't want to loose a second of what I'm suppose to go through.  It all makes us who we are suppose to be.    

So for now, I will keep soaking up this amazing time I have been granted.  I will continue to push and challenge myself on where I can go.  It helps to have like minded friends.  There's nothing better to be surrounded by inspiration and goodness.

Hope that whatever time you're currently in you see the beauty in it.

Love, Sarah


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