Saturday, December 15, 2012


This last Sunday we flew up to Boston to attend Paul's Uncle Mo's funeral in Hartford Connecticut.  Paul looked up to Mo for many reasons and even created our game room after his.  It was one of Paul's favorite places to go.  I was lucky enough to meet Mo a few years ago when we traveled up to Boston.  

I believe these are the moments in life that are priceless.  Mo's passing brought the entire family back together.  We traveled from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas, and Hawaii.  Missing only Renee and Shawn from the group (Lynda was there the night before).  With Aunt Mary in the middle who is 95.

The cousins haven't seen each other since they were kids.  ...can you spot Paul in the white shorts?!

 But it was as if no time had past.  It did however show how fast life can go by.  

Here's Paul's mom, Cindy and her siblings: Richard, Bev, and Tony.

Aren't they beautiful?  Here they are on Bev's wedding day to Mo.

Just gorgeous.

Mo gave us all a gift during the holidays of a feeling of family.  When it comes down to it, nothing is stronger.

To the family reading this post: to save any of these pictures please right click the photo and select "save image".  

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

The pics are great. I am having a hard time writing this. My eyes won't stop dripping. My sister and Mo made a lovely couple. They were sooo happy. I love you both. Have a lovely trip. Mom

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