Friday, August 16, 2013

Daughter to Daughter

When I was a young girl I remember playing make believe in my room for hours.  I would run errands in my mini-van bed holding a cigarette in my first two fingers and steering the imaginary wheel with the rest.  I would change my panda's diapers while skillfully holding an air cigarette to not burn the "baby".  Now I have never seen my mom smoke a cigarette in her life, but I did see her friend Pam do it all the time.  When you're little the only way to see how to act as an adult are by the people around you.  Thankfully, I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and I believe that comes down to my Mom.  Even though we never had a "talk" to not smoke, by seeing her life as my prime example it never seemed to fit in to my future.

Now expecting a child in a few months, I can't help to think about what I would be instilling on my girl without even knowing.  What are some of my habits that I might not be aware of telling her what's important in life.  I want my daughter to see me helping friends when they need a hand, not just when they're throwing a party.  I don't want her to see a cell phone glued to my hand, but my ear glued to others in front of me.  I want her to help others in need, and not spend our money in malls on ourselves.  I want her to see me get ready in the morning, without hours in front of a mirror.

I remember being little like it was yesterday.  I had the most amazing mom that I would compare to any living angel.  I definitely won't be comparable to her, but I'm hoping what she instilled in me is exactly what my daughter needs to see for her to become the woman she's suppose to be.  I can only pray and be intentional with my parenting everyday I'm granted.

No pressure.  ;)


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