Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kittens and Pit Bulls

Kittens and Pit Bulls

Please, meet two of my three children. The kitten is named Scooter-Pie that my husband and I picked out together from Operation Kindness one month after being married. Sergeant (Sergie-poo), the pit bull has been mine for the last 6 and half years and Lizzie-May is Pauls cat that is super grumpy and hides whenever anyone comes over.

Sergeant is the sweetest dog that I have ever met. But, he LOVES to tear up squeaky toys and when we first brought home Scooter-Pie we were a little worried that Sergeant might just think he was another toy that squeaked. So, we kept them separated for a few days and with the big introduction Scooter went straight for Sergeant's tail and attacked and they've been buds ever since. I'll occasionally post my favorite pics of them on here.

I started this blog to just put a collection of my life in writing and have fun looking back and looking at what fashion I was into, what I was doing and where I want to go.

Love, Sarah


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