Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, I do a lot of random things that doesn't always go together or make sense. But, all together they make me... me.

I LOVE to collect vintage. It's a true passion of mine. I love searching through estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores. Estate sales are my favorite. That's where you find the truly great finds. I think it's because it's the items someone held on to for the rest of their lives. They didn't give it away or think I'll never wear that again and sell it. They kept it. They treasured the moment in their lives when they wore that piece. It made them feel beautiful.

I have a website ( for my vintage and sell them out of my home, a local vintage store named Dolly Python and occasionally on eBay and/or etsy.

Here's some of my favorite pieces and an article that was written about it:

I love this Christian Dior jacket. I styled it on one of Sergio's shoots on my roof.

This Oscar de la Renta dress was a rare find that I found in a Salvation Army.

This was one of the first shoots. Love the black Saks Fifth dress!

This is one of my all time FAVs, I got it at an estate sale. It reminds me of a hybrid between figure skater and a flapper!


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