Thursday, February 4, 2010

Costa Rica: The house begins

Costa Rica is our home away from home. It is where my husband asked me to marry him, where monkeys rule the trees, where every beach you come upon is different and every step is an adventure.

Paul bought 15 acres several years ago and had been working with a team of two architects, one here in Dallas and one that lives in Costa Rica, lawyers and a construction crew to design our home that we'll go to for vacations, with friends and family and possibly retire in. There's going to eventually be two houses, a one bedroom smaller one that we are building now and then a larger three story house that will sit close to it.

Most the land is pure jungle so we have to be very strategic with the location of the homes. This first one is mostly going to be off of the cliff being held up by pillars.

If you look to the right you will see a line. That is were the house begins and it will end into the jungle. There had to be so many tests on the dirt and the land to see how deep the pillars had to be to make the house sturdy and earthquake proof.

This is the view our house will have out the windows and the back patio deck.

This tree is so important to us. He asked me to marry him right underneath it. They wanted to knock it down for the house but we both said no, that it had to stay.

They already started construction, so I will keep you updated on the progress.

Love, Sarah


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