Sunday, March 7, 2010

Serena: New Spools

First off, I have to warn you that I took over 180 pictures on our visit with Serena last weekend. I tried to narrow them down, but of course I think every picture of her is precious and that your life would not be completed without seeing them all. So, here we go...

Paul has been doing a lot of research on things that tigers enjoy and that are enriching to their lives and heard that they like large spools. So, with the help of Robbie and Paul together they got three spools. And, not to be selfish Serena let one of her friends have a spool and she got two.

It was such a great day and Serena's grandma Cindy and friends Robbie and Jamie came with us and we got to just spend the whole afternoon with her.

This is actually a technique they use to smell you more.

We love family pictures

She loves her chicken!

Out with the old furniture...

In with the new!

If you would like information on how to help local big cats, please contact Big Cat Care.

Love, Sarah


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