Monday, April 5, 2010

Deep Ellum: Art Festival

I was actually really impressed with some of the venders out at the Deep Ellum Art Festival. I grabbed several cards and plan on looking into some of their art for our home make-over.

We couldn't have asked for better weather and it was literally three streets away from our house, so we decided to bring Sergeant along (with his "good boy" collar on). He has been doing better and better with not jumping on people in his old age!

These pieces are plywood stained artwork. The artist, Darren Minke, stained the wood and then waited to see a natural picture and then continued staining lines to create art.

I love shiny art! Sharon Spillar, stated that she glazes her art and then blow torches them to give the great glossy finish.

Do you think he spray paints his hair?? was fun walking past him a couple of times and seeing more and more updates on his painting.

Surprisingly we didn't eat from this vendor, but we did go to Pepe & Mitos (one of our favorite Mexican restaurants).

Two other vendors I really enjoyed were Teresa Haun's journals and Clark Crenshaw's photography.

Love, Sarah


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