Friday, June 4, 2010

Costa Rica: Comin' along ...even in the rain!

We just received some updates on the house. Sorry for the poor quality in pictures, I think our architect, Antonio used his phone! :)

Here's the garage. We're going to have to put gravel down to keep the red dirt from marking the stucco.

Stucco and lava rock is up.

Look at all that rain coming down! We're going to create a curving river bed out of cement for the water drainage to flow through once it hits the ground.

The rocks on the wall were placed one by one by hand. They took limestone and put it in a tumbler to break it up. That's dedication.

Paul stole this idea for the bed to be made out of cement from a magazine. We then learned that it's a great design, because snakes can't go up the curving structure.

The tv is going in the little nook in the wall on the left. I have a feeling we won't be watching much tv when we're there.

This is a different kind of limestone for the bathroom. They still have to finish it off.

I love the bamboo roof!!

Here's the kitchen.

Paul added the window on the left, after the fact. I'm glad he did, it brings in so much more light.

Paul came up with the idea for the bamboo leg as well!

Love, Sarah


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