Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of School Boys!

The boys are officially out of school for the summer! We celebrated their grades by a sleep over, movie night, Iron Man 2, Paciugo, games and painting!

Christian knocked over Dylan's masterpiece after this picture., it was only fair that Dylan got to knock over his after his picture! :)

Scooter-pie and Sergeant LOVE the boys! They seriously are free-for-alls for them. Dylan is carrying Scoots upside down for 75% of the time and Sergeant LOVES sleeping in their sleeping bags with them.

The boys didn't know what to do after the movie, so we decided to paint!

Christian had the bright idea of wanting to paint Scooter's paw and have him mark his painting., who was I to tell him we couldn't. It turned out pretty cute!

Dylan thought it was more fun painting the crate paper protecting the floor than the canvas. So, after they left I cut out the crate paper and glued it on the canvas.

Now I can get ready in the morning with the brightness of my nephews art in the bathroom!

They inspired me to go get new towels to match!

Can't wait to see what else this summer has in store!

Love, Sarah


renee said...

Yea, the kids were happy to see their paintings hung up.

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