Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

These are my parents, Debbie and Steve. This picture is of us on our rehearsal dinner night at Cafe Izmir, but for Father's Day we took them out to Tillman's in Bishop Arts.

It was a great time, as always, but I realized something I never knew before... I'm becoming my parents! ...As Paul was explaining the story about me crashing my scooter (blog entry on my other blog, Me to the Highest Power), he continued to say how it's impossible to crash a scooter. Until, my Dad stopped him and told him how he had crashed his scooter when he was younger and pointed to the scar on his lower left chin. ...the same exact place where I had wounded my chin!!! As this was going on I was twirling my hair with my finger, when Paul swatted my hand down in his effort to break my habit. When my Mom said oops, she must have gotten that from me. When we looked at her she was twirling her hair with her finger!!

It was all too much to take in during that five minute conversation between warm peanuts and popcorn to our main course. I learned more about my genetics in one night, than in my whole life!

Love you Mom and Dad, Sarah


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