Sunday, July 18, 2010

Costa Rica: Spiders, Spiders, and MORE Spiders!!!

Paul and I just got back Saturday night from two weeks in Costa Rica. I have sooo much to share with you and took a million pictures.

But first, I want to share with you who we shared our home with. These following pictures were all taken in our home during the day and only when I had a camera on me and not scared for my life. I'll go into more detail of the living situation with so many spiders later.

I saw this little guy on our refrigerator and it was the first time I took notice in how special the insects are down there. It really helped with my fear to take notice in their beauty.

I took this picture when he was on my notebook...

and, he immediately fell over. I think I scared him to death!!!

I think this guy was already dead when I took the picture, but morbidly I never threw him out. He's still sitting there! Too beautiful to toss away.

I loved his yellow eyes and toes!!!

He stayed with us for days!

This one grossed me out so much I had to ask Paul to take him outside.

Ok, take notice of the little black dot on the corner of my pillow...

...this is him!!!

He was missing his other leg.

...I later accidentally squished him when I was laying in the bed checking my email. I totally forgot that he was there!!

See if you can find the lizard/gecko on the tree!!

This is my friend Juan. He's right out side of our front door.

Juan built his home over night. He's such a little worker-bee!

If you can blow this picture up, you can see his "furr"!

He was in our garage!

...I kept thinking he was going to come back to life when I had my face all up in his business!

One of my favorite pictures. For some reason I think this would be a pretty palate to decorate off of.

Juan caught a meal!

It was unreal to watch him eat!

He hung around for a day or two also!

This little nipper-snapper was on our luggage! He wanted to come to Tejas! Paul knocked him off and squished him though. We think of him often.

...Can't wait to share with you more of Costa Rica!

Love, Sarah


lins said...

i appreciate your appreciation of the small guys. can't wait to see more! :)

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