Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Costa Rica: My Favorite Beach!!

There are sooo many beaches in Costa Rica and all of them beautiful. But, on this trip I found my absolute favorite and it happens to be only 10 minutes from our home. Take a peak on our time there.

It is semi-private beach with it's own restaurant.

This flower was so unique on how it hangs down from the stem.

There were little red crabs everywhere that would run for their lives and hide away when they saw you.

This sweet dog came out of the jungle when we walked on the beach. He barked at first but figured we were ok.

Your footprints in the water created sand art with the gold and black sand pulling out with the ocean drift.

The sand sparkled in the sun like (hate to admit it) Edwards face in the sun.

We starred at these prints for awhile trying to image the animal that created them. You can't tell the size from this picture but they were rather large with huge nail marks.

There were several rivers coming out of the jungle running their way into the ocean.

The hermit crabs cruised the border of jungle and sand.

Photo taken by Paul. :)

This beach was made with Gods smile. No other way to describe it.

Love, Sarah


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