Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Anniversary Getaway...

Paul found out that one of his favorite bands, Off With Their Heads, were playing down in Austin this weekend. So, we decided for our one year anniversary that we would go on our first road trip together and go see them!

Since we officially decided to take the trip the night before, our favorite hotels were all ready booked up. Paul, the avid researcher that he is, decided to try out a new "zen" hotel, Hotel Casulo. The funny thing is when we got there, our room wasn't ready yet and we had to wait in the lobby. After looking around, I actually felt bad for the hotel. You could tell the decorator (owner?) had tried so hard to mix urban, antique, and asian flare together and failed miserably. The funny thing is, I said it was just missing "zen"! But, once we got to our room it wasn't half bad and the bed was actually comfortable.

I really like the bathroom. The shower and tub were enclosed together and you could see out to the bedroom and the rest of the bathroom.

Being that I packed the morning of the trip, I forgot an important piece... my bathing suit! So, I thought this would be a great excuse to go shopping on SoCo (South Congress) while Paul got some rays.

Feathers is my absolute favorite vintage clothing store in Austin. I picked up a bright tunic that I actually wore out of the store and a pair of porcupine earrings made by the owner.

I thought this was such a cute bench/cactus garden that I might copy it on our roof.

Of course, I had to hit up Uncommon Objects while I was hitting the street as well! I scored some cute little knick-knacks for my desk. I stayed until around seven when I realized I should get back to go to dinner.

Paul called one of our friends Lindsey for some recommendations, and she suggest Wink and said that I would love it. And love it, I did.

After dinner we got in a cab with a driver that was literally not on this planet. Paul and I could not stop nudging each other to try to refrain from laughing out loud! Eventually we made it to Red7. We still had three bands to make it through until OWTH came on and no A/C. So, I did something I never do... I started drinking! I had their Root Bearded drink (root beer infused vodka with cream soda), a Tia Carrere drink (orange infused vodka with Sweat Tea Green Tea) and a Stella.

They had one of those booths that takes pictures, but it was out of order. So, I decided to take the pic with our own camera!

It was so fun to just run around Austin with my hubby. The show was great and more importantly we spent the weekend together. Today we hit up SoCo one more time so I could show him some items for the house at Uncommon Objects and grab some brunch.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

Love, Sarah


lins said...

i'm so sad that yall were there and i wasn't!! what are the odds... hope you loved wink as much as i do! every time i have been the food has been insanely good. come back and i promise i will be there!! xoxo

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