Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A good percentage of the trip we spent on the hunt for items for the house and working on the house. We spent most this day just relaxing and I thought I would share it.

We started it off on Playa Domincal, a surf beach.

After sweating it out on the beach, we headed over to our favorite waterfall! Last trip the water was so still that you could see the little fish swimming around. This time it was during the "Green Season" so the water was rushing.

It was a little to rough for me so I stayed safely by the mossy rock.

Paul jumped in and got pushed towards the edge! He tried with all his might and couldn't get close to the waterfall!!!

We decided to move to calmer waters and just lounged around our bed and breafast pool at El Castillo.

...I finally organized my pictures from the trip so much more to come on my "tico" adventures!

Love, Sarah


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