Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beautiful Day

I forget everytime how beautiful Serena is. It's like my memory can't comprehend the detail of her stripes, the passion behind her eyes and the calmness of her company.

I brought a beach towel with me to sit on and hang out beside her. Just to enjoy each others time.

I brought Emily and Jack with me and they stopped by to see Serena during their tour.

They are here visiting America from London. They have been in the states for four months and have two months to go. Started in NYC and ending in CA.

We spent the rest of the day in Deep Ellum, with looking at awesome old cars in the Invasion Show and ending it in LaGrange with some great shows.

I can't wait to take Em and Jack to see my high school football team play in the Cowboy Stadium on Monday!

Hope everyone's having a great Labor Day weekend!

Love, Sarah

p.s. Paul is in Costa Rica meeting our new dog and will update with pictures when he returns!! :)


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