Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our new Costa Rican Baby!

Our family just keeps getting larger and larger. Meet the newest Beauregard. He has been in Costa Rica all week with Paul and now he is home where he belongs. He was meant to stay in CR but we couldn't be away from him for that long of in-between times. So, he will just travel with us each time we go down there.

Guarding the front door.

By the warning sign daddy made for him.

Sun bathing on the beach!

During a long car ride to the airport.

Welcome to America!

His head was on my shoulder and kissing my face before this picture. He already knows his mommy! :)

He has already met his brother Sergeant, Scooter and sister Lizzy. And taking a little dog nap now from his ride on his plane and the quick stop by Pet Smart!

Love, Sarah


RCH said...

Hi Sarah
Congratulations on the new member of your family and the progress you are making with your property.
We've suffered a major slide on our Pinuela property and at this point aren't sure if it's even build-able. Hope we'll see you two again in the future, in the meantime I'll just live vicariously through your exploits. Say hi to Paul.

Sarah Beauregard said...

Richard! Paul and I think of you and Debbie often! Please email me at We have some updates to share with you. Also, I'm extremely sorry for the mudslide. That's horrible. Hope to talk to you soon!! Sarah

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