Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Costa Rica: Pretty much finished!!! :)

Paul and Shadow just returned from Costa Rica and so did some new pictures!


Here's the exterior of the house...

You might be wondering what these cones are. We had chains up for the water to flow down off the roof from but they weren't cutting it. So Paul had the great idea of putting cones up.

Here's a picture of them in action! :)

Here's the outside wash room, when you're all dirty!

We got a tank less water heater for CR since we like the one in TX so much!
...Paul put hooks in this nook to dry things really fast because of the heat the A/C thing produces! You can have a wet shirt dry in minutes in here!

Here's the new water pump! Can't wait to have water pressure!

Even the washing machine has its own tank less water heater!

Billy did a great job on the teak table and chairs. Billy is a young local woodworker.

Here's the kitchen.

Antonio, the architect said that we have to cook in this kitchen, because the flush stove top was a pain to get in!

Billy did these bar stools for us as well.

I think the bed looks like it's floating after we added the teak to the frame.

I LOVE this limestone/stone shower! Paul hand picked all the floor stones and carried them back to the house! :)

Paul is obsessed with this toilet and the trashcan was handmade for us by Oscar with left over bamboo from the ceiling!


Go down our driveway...

...and, you'll get to our newly added guard house.

They're going to keep up with the property while we're not there and plant us a garden so we'll have tons of fresh fruit and veggies!

Thought you would like to see this grasshopper that was on Walters coffee mug!

Thanks for going on this journey with us!

Love, Sarah


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this is absolutely beautiful!!!

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