Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Return of White Rock Lake

Paul and I were about to waste this beautiful day in a movie theater, when our friend Travis mentioned flying a kite. We stopped what we were doing and said let's do it!

We picked up some buffalo tacos from Cowboy Chow, grabbed our two dogs and headed out to White Rock Lake.

Travis received this kite from his grandmother as a gift when he was 12 years old!

We all just shared the blankets and enjoyed the breeze and everyone around us.

They were having a sailing competition!

This picture of Travis was staged, and I'm sure he didn't think I would put it up! Love you Trav!

Then around 20-30 parrots flew over head and landed on the trees and grass surrounding us. When we saw the first two, Paul thought that maybe they were pets that escaped, but when all their friends flew over we knew they must be migrating.

Shadow decided that Paul was more comfortable than the Mexican blanket.

After about three and a half hours and grabbing some ice cream from the ice cream man, we decided to head home.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Love, Sarah


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