Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday Weekend!

What a weekend! It started off extremely slow ...I got the last of my three ESI shots in my back and it slowed me down most of the weekend but it turned out great.

Saturday we went on the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes with our friend Travis. It inspired Paul and me to update our home. When I woke up this morning Paul already had wood samples all over the house and shared his "genius" ideas with me. We're looking forward to working on it, but not until Costa Rica is completely squared away.

Today, is my Grandpa's birthday and we figured if we were already going to drive to Euless, we definitely should visit Serena as well! The boys (Sergeant and Shadow) didn't want to stay cooped up all day, so they came along!

We stopped along the way for Shadow to see his first sheep.

Right after this picture, Shadow (since being a Dutch SHEPARD) wanted to jump the fence to go herd them. He was literally freaking out about it, so we moved along back to the car.

Serena was extremely talkative today. I think she was telling us about everything we have missed since the last time we saw her.

She laid next to the fence for our last couple of minutes together.

Once she got all relaxed we said good-bye.

...and, off to our grandparents house we went!

Here's Shadow meeting his Great Grandma for the first time!

She couldn't leave out saying hi to Sergeant in the backseat also!

He loved both Great Grandparents and they loved him.

Hope everyone had a great fun and safe weekend also!

Love, Sarah


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