Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes, we've become "THOSE" people...

Don't think we've become this overnight.

Scooter-Pie for over a year now has watched his brother leave out the front door and to go on walks several times a day. Scoots would give us the saddest looks when we left him behind; so we started weighing our options. At first, I would let Scooter jump in a cloth grocery bag and let him come with, but he started getting too big and wanted to jump out. We also mentioned a cat leash, but since Deep Ellum doesn't have the most pristine back alleys, we didn't think it was safe. I joked with the idea of a stroller for months now and finally decided to pull the trigger.

Even Paul takes him out in the stroller!

It's seriously been the best purchase for Scooter yet. He LOVES it and wants to even be pushed around the house. To go on walks, all I have to say is "Scooter-Pie let's go!" and he magically appears from no where and jumps in the stroller.

We're still getting use to the judging eyes of others when they see him. But, this Scooter is one happy pie!

Love, Sarah


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