Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Boy Scout Museum

The weekend before Thanksgiving my mom mentioned that my grandparents wanted to visit the Boy Scout Museum in Las Colinas. I was already planning on having my nephews (on Pauls side over), so thought it would be wonderful chance for us all to go somewhere.

Here's me and my two nephews from Pauls side, Dylan and Christian, with two of my three nephews on my brothers side, Jacob and Joseph. We were watching a show on Boy Scouts in the theater of the museum.
Here's a shooting game, I was showing them how it was done! They all did an awesome job behind the rifle!
My bro!

Here's a pinewood derby set up for the kids to play with.

...Jacob won!

This bicycling game looked fun, but we couldn't get it working.

There was so much to look at and do, that we barely got half of it done.

...but, we couldn't leave without a little family photo-op!

My mom and grandma.

My brother, with my grandparents.

I'm looking forward to taking the boys back to the museum. It was very entertaining and educational, plus FREE on Sundays!

Love, Sarah


Elizabeth South said...

I'm looking at all them boys going, it's time for a girl! Great story! Love and miss you!

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