Friday, December 10, 2010

Operation: Don't Get Caught

Yesterday morning I got a text from Alexander Pappas showing me a picture of Venice, CA, where Falling Whistles had put up a large poster about Dec 10, Human Rights Day. Sean Carasso sent Alexander the file for us to do the same here in Big D. We were immediately down, and figured the best time would be around 2:00 a.m. that night.

I had two back to back work parties that lasted until 1:30 a.m. and then checked in with Alexander after changing into all black.

We met at Kinkos to print off the posters. ...Kinko's had some minor malfunctions with their computer system so we didn't finish that part of the mission until 2:40 a.m. least they had a great 90's sirius station jammin to keep us entertained.

We were then ready to scout out our location. We did some drive-bys at Mockingbird Station and some other high traffic locations and decided we needed to go Downtown where the real action is at.

We immediately saw these Michael Jackson posters on Lamar St and knew if it was good enough for Michael, then it was good enough for us.

After some teamwork on getting the posters up and having a cop drive right past us, we knew it was an Operation: Success!

You know we had to take a gansta picture.

After we took all the pictures we could, we headed back at around 4:30 a.m.

Our hope is that these posters at least touch one person to think of our current world and the basic thought of human rights and realize that we are not all fortunate.

Please take a moment and check out Falling Whistles' website and say a prayer for those in need.

Love, Sarah


Molly E. Nolan said...

Love that mission! Fun stuff! I hope you touch the lives of many...many you already have!

alexander said...

Making The 'Kittens and Pitbulls' blog can now be officially scratched off the bucket list!

Sarah Beauregard said...

It's a pretty big deal! You're welcome.

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