Thursday, February 3, 2011

NFL Wives Rockin' Abi Ferrin

I had the fun job today of going to Abi Ferrin's studio and getting "b-roll" with Emili Carmichael of NFL wives getting fitted for their Off the FIELD Fashion Show.  

Then met up with our co-workers at Nordstroms for Abi's Launch Party.  This year will be her first year in a major department store, which happens to be Nordstrom's Savvy department in North Park Mall.  Her clothes are seriously selling out and they steal the spotlight taking over a large portion of Savvy. 

The fashion show will be tomorrow morning at downtown's Fairmont Hotel and is benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Abi Ferrin is the featured designer, and let me tell you these women look AMAZING in her dresses!

And not only are the wives walking the runway but they're bringing their husbands and children down the catwalk with them! 

...I never knew that Abi had such a personal relationship with Costa Rica and I'm so proud of her taking her talent of designing and making a movement with it.  

I'm gonna have to wear my Abi Ferrin 5-way dress to the show!

Love, Sarah


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