Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Yesterday a couple hours before the Crow Collection After Dark: Year of the Rabbit Celebration, I called my friend Travis to see if he wanted to go.  We both had the idea to ride our bikes down to it and he invited his friend Brian along too.  

I fell in love with this lady. 

Drinking my Chill Bubble Chai Tea while listening to beautiful music. 

This horse had an aura when you looked at it.  You knew that it was created with the up most detail and respect. 

 They used a similar dragon like this one in the parade.

Every piece in this picture is made of ceramic and not paper. 

Paul made it up to the event just in time to see the Dragon.

This was my favorite part of the whole event.  I loved their personality and the way they moved their eye brows and blinked their eyes, while wagging their tales!  I want one!! :)

Then we were off!

I highly recommend going to this event next year and/or any events the Crow's put on.  It not only had an impressive collection of Asian art, but so many activities and entertainment for everyone.

Who's down to try Tai Chi with me?  They have it every Saturday morning for free!!

Love, Sarah


Kitchen with Kate said...

I'll Tai Chi with you! Followed by a chai tea.

Sarah Beauregard said...

I thought the same thing Katie!! Lets do it! :)

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