Sunday, February 20, 2011

Country Air

 Last week I had a sore throat/sniffles, then I gave it to Paul, then he gave it back to me, and now we're both sick!  It was soo beautiful outside today, that we decided to fight against the sickness and go do outside things!  Like visit Serena and go for a walk and look for cows out in the country air!

I still had the art supplies for my friend Julie, that is still in the hospital (...which is a good thing)!  So we did a drive-by and gave the supplies to her husband at the curb, since we didn't want to get Julie sick at all!  I even slathered on hand sanitizer before grabbing the bag to hand it to Jason.

Then we were off to see Serena!
 ...but first, Shadow needed to get out of my seat so we could leave!

Serena was as beautiful as ever.  She scarfed down two packages of chicken legs like they were nothing and even let us give a package to the CARE volunteers to share with her friends.   

 She kept sniffing the camera to see if I saved her a snack.

...eww, Serena!  Don't eat your boogers!  Didn't I teach you better than that?

 She cleaned her self up and then we left to take the boys for a walk.

I think Paul was more disappointed that we didn't see any cows, than the boys.

The boys wanted to go further, but Paul and I had to save enough energy up to wish my Dad a happy birthday at my grandparents house!

Happy Birthday, Dad!  Hope your day was great and that you had a yummy dinner!  

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

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