Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burberry: why are you so mean?

I've never had a brand mess with my heart strings as much as Burberry Prorsum has.  I would pick this line over Chanel any day! ...well, at least for the past two seasons.

It's not just the designs that I am melting for, but the entire picture, including the hair, the attitude, the songs!!!  (watch the entire runway show on youtube.)  I could do without the hat, but hey, no ones perfect.

I wouldn't mind adding these guys to my closet...

...and, Kate Bosworth.  I'm glad you look as beautiful as you do in these spring pieces or I would have to be jealous.  ...for some reason that statement makes sense to me.

Find more fashion pics here.

Until the next show... I'll keep listening to all Burberry runway songs and starring at the pictures!

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

this is totally us on sunday :)...love you bestie dear....our convo made my night xoxo

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