Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan, I lift you up.

I just had my life put in perspective after a conversation with my friend Jun.  

It started yesterday when I admitted to my husband that I have turned away from the news and facts of Japan recently because it wasn't what I wanted to hear.  Paul was pretty shocked and compared me to a recent group of people in Costa Rica that didn't want to learn more about the current crime, because it would only make them worry and they said they would rather stay blind to the facts.  

About an hour ago Jun brought up that any complications/stresses he is currently going through at the moment vanish compared to what Japan is burden with.  Our thoughts and words went deeper into the matter and it slapped my heart with compassion.  I can't even think of my selfishness when I turned my back to Japan and I can't help but put myself in this fictional self that I have created in my mind of what I could be going through at this moment if I only lived on the other side of the ocean.  Fiction in my character is only a fraction of the truth that they are facing.  

Please don't be like me and face Japan.  Give what you can and lift them in your prayers with a full heart.

Love, Sarah

p.s.  My friend Justin Terveen is selling his photographs that are amazing, mounted, and ready to hang and giving all the proceeds to the American Red Cross.  Click here to view the photos.


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