Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome Home Paul!

Paul and Shadow have been in Costa Rica for the past week and I stayed behind because someone has to work around here!  ...I missed them soo much!

...so, I stayed up till midnight baking and decorating Paul a Storm Trooper "we missed you" cake!

...I arrived early to be standing outside with a sign so Paul and Shadow wouldn't pass me!

(Shadow's nickname is Muffin, because he steals our muffins/cupcakes when we're not looking!)

Then they arrived!!

This is the only appropriate picture of  Shadow.  He was so excited to be back in Texas that his "red rocket" was out in all the other pictures!  (TMI, I know.)

...then, I was so excited to show Paul his cake

...that I pressed down in the middle of the lid to take it off and smeared the trooper!!!  GAH!!!!

We both went straight to work when we got back home that I haven't seen any of the pictures Paul took.  Rumor has it that he had a "jungle shower" made!!

Love, Sarah


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