Monday, March 7, 2011

Walkin the Block

I couldn't help but be refreshed with the new buds on the trees after work today.

So, I decided to take my doggies on a walk.

First, we had to take Scooter-pie around the block in his stroller, so he wouldn't feel left out.  Then the boys and I went on a little adventure...

I can't help but feel safe while walking Shadow.  So, no where is too scary for us.  We just kept taking random roads...

...and we ended up at Fair Park!

I never realized how beautiful Fair Park was while all the excitement of the Texas State Fair is going on.  We never saw a single soul while we strutted through and I couldn't help but to stop and take pictures.

Shadow was a star at the DART station.  Everyone wanted to know what kind of dog he was.

...and our walk ended with more new buds.  

We might not live in a "normal" neighborhood, but at least are walks are never the same.

Love, Sarah

(p.s.  all the pictures were taken with my phone, so sorry for the bad quality.)


Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...

Hi there =) I read your post on Casey's blog & had to check yours out! I felt like I was reading about my own past relationship of 7 yrs with my HS boyfriend...that's was years ago though and I'm very happily married now! I'm happy to see that you are too! I also just loooove the pic's of your sweet animals! I'm a huge animal person. In February my sweet pitbull companion, Ali passed away suddenly, from cancer, just a week after he turned 9. He was my first "baby" before I had real ones. Your sweet pic's of your old man pitbull just melt my heart.

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