Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Helga...

We finally decided on a new car for me and I'm honestly grateful for her.  

When Paul and I got married I had a Lexus ES330 that I had picked out and was on a payment plan to pay it off.  I of course ended up paying too much for the car and I still had quite a lot to pay off, so Paul sold it when we got married.  He also sold his BMW 335ci to make it fair and we bought my Cayenne.  Even though I enjoyed the car, it felt unneeded and wasteful.  And if you didn't know, about a month or two ago I was t-boned in an intersection and the car was totaled.  

I told Paul not to rush on finding a new car, since I could ride my bike to work and drive his FJ or his company's work truck if needed.  So that's what we did and eventually came across "Helega" which we both think was owned by a single German man that babied her.  

With all the giant windows and sunroof in this car we knew she needed a tint job.  So we took her to earmark in Addison where Paul use to work back in the day.  He said it's the absolute best place to get Formula One Performance Film and that it will never turn purple or bubble.

Here she is before

...and after. 

Inside earmark they had an old picture album where Paul showed me some of the cars he use to work on.  He actually installed this system!!! 

Things to come....

We're preparing for a complete renovation on our home and Paul is starting by updating all of our systems integration.  Starting off with rewiring the house and adding ipads to the kitchen and office walls and for the living room.  I'll tell you later about all the apps he created to function our home!

 Scooter-pie helped him all weekend while I was out shooting a video for Deep Ellum with Jun Kang.  

One day I'll get a picture of Jun and frame it! 

Hope your weekend was wonderful.

Love, Sarah


Stephanie said...

I love hearing the things Paul can do. Did Earmark in Addison pay for that plug? We need to see this new movie, by the super size me guy, that is one big integrated marketing effort! BYE

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