Monday, April 25, 2011

My Spot on Earth

I stayed back at the casa today to read a book in my hammock and take some final pictures of the house.  Paul and Robbie are out zip-lining down the road from us and then running into town for some stuff on our list.  

I thought I would share our time on my favorite spot on earth while I'm being still.  

This is our friend Robbie.  You might remember him from the gun range post

We parked ourselves next to this hermit crab inn.

Shadow doesn't mind the water, but waves freak him out.

 ...unless I hold him and protect him from them!

Paul brought a horse shoe set but both of them didn't know how to technically play.  Good thing it came with a set of instructions.

Robbie made it on the ringer!

As much as I love it here, I couldn't imagine being so far away from my family and friends.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

um excuse me GORGEOUS

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