Monday, June 13, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

When's the last time you just laid in the grass and watched the clouds float by? 

Sometimes I judge my success by how many times I check my work email during off hours or planning my weekend down to the hour.  But recently I've rolled into a relaxed slower pace.  My weekends went from cramming in all important shoppping hours before changing my clothes in the bathroom of my third job.  To now reading the Bible in bed while scratching Paul's back with Shadow, Sergeant and Scooter laying like kings on our toes.

I'm considering this time the calm before the storm. 

...and speaking of clouds and storms, I can't get enough of my friend Justin Terveen's weather photos. 

These pictures don't even show the half of his talent.  He just recently got really into weather.  Click here for his Flickr account. 

Hope you're enjoying the sun of the summer at whatever speed your life is in!

Love, Sarah


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