Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Tour : Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen

I love change.

I think it all started because my dad was in the Air Force while my brother and I were growing up, so we moved frequently.  We got to move from being a "corn husker" in Nebraska, to eating bratwurst in Germany, to throwing newspapers in blizzards in Upstate New York, then down here to become Texans.

I love mixing it up and creating new spaces.  When I was young I would constantly make-over my room from yellow with hearts, to Lion King jungle, to EJH red and black, to orange walls with Hawaiian flowers, to a beautiful blue.  And when I became a teen I branched out to the rest of the house.  I would rearrange our entire apartment while my parents were at work.  It drove my mom nuts.  Every once in awhile she would leave it to the new configuration ...unless I touched her kitchen.  

The sad thing is I rarely slow down and take pictures of where I live (unless that is in Costa Rica and then I'll take as many pictures as my SD card will hold).

So today after I received another round of numbing injections in my back and Blanca got done cleaning, I slowed down to take some pictures.  We're already starting the process of a complete renovation on our entire home and I wanted to freeze this wonderful moment in our life into pictures.  They aren't the most exciting pictures, but they'll mean a lot to me and Paul later down the road.  

living room

dining room


my desk



 ...I still have so much more to shoot, but let's take this a day at a time.

Love, Sarah  


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