Monday, June 27, 2011

My Religion Makes Me Better Than You...

When you grow up with a religion it becomes apart of you.  When I was younger I honestly didn't think there was anyone that wasn't a Christian.  Especially being in the "suburbs" where the majority of the people shared the same religion as me.        

When I was in my early 20's I was so narrow minded and thought everyone is suppose to have my same beliefs and attend Church with me.  I was failing as your friend if I didn't get you sitting next to me on a Sunday morning.  I would hound you and beg you to just come one Sunday with me.  I was sure if I could get you in the door that you wouldn't walk out unlike me.  

When I got older and moved to Dallas and would meet someone with a different religious view, I believed I was better than them because I already knew Jesus and that they were just lost and confused in this world.  But when I started listening to others beliefs instead of trying to manipulated them into mine, I actually came to find that a good portion of "non-believers" actually hold themselves to a higher account because they don't have the notion that Jesus will forgive them.  All that guilt that comes with doing something wrong doesn't just get washed away, it stays.  Titling yourself as a Christian doesn't make you a good person.  As a Christian I have found that we are more willing to take a night or in some cases days off of our righteous ways and feel fine the next day with a freshly cleaned heart.  Jesus paid tremendously for our sins and I believe he doesn't want us to stick our nose up to someone that doesn't know that price and how much he loves them.  

I personally feel that I don't have to make grand gestures and monumental speeches, but that my daily actions will show Gods love.  But just because me and another person doesn't share the same belief doesn't mean that I have to be silent about mine.  I always feel welcomed to share.  I just watch my thoughts and when I start to think I'm right and their wrong, I check myself, because more than likely they can feel that sense of arrogance.

It's not necessary for me to scream on the rooftop (or in most cases, Facebook) that I'm a Christian and that I want to save souls, but to not forget that my everyday account is planting seeds.  I'm looking forward to continue growing in life as well as my religion and embracing all God has to show me.

Too sum up what I have learned over the past recent years is that no one is better than the next.  The title of the view of your world makes you no better or less than your neighbor.  

Love, Sarah   


KWAG said...

I couldnt agree with you more! Well said!

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