Monday, June 27, 2011

Serena's 15th Birthday!

Friday was Serena's 15th birthday!! 

 I decided to surprise her with some chicken and watermelon.  I also brought birthday hats in my bag, but she gave me a look like mom, don't embarass me I left them hidden.
Big Cat CARE does such an amazing job with all of their big cats.  Here's Derek putting the watermelon in her home.

She went straight over and picked it up and carried it to the shade to monch on.

But soon decided to come back to me for more chicken legs!

It was already getting so hot in the day and she loves laying in her mud to cool off.  I sat there and splashed water from my water bottle on her face.

When she started her bath I gave her some privacy and said hi to her neighbors.

This sweet boy is Flash.  I always give him a few of Serena's chicken legs when she's not lookin. 

These are her usually rowdy boy neighbors to the right.

It was so peaceful this day with everyone taking cat naps.

When I went back to Serena and told her I was heading out she rolled over on her back.  I would do anything to be able to give her a great big bellly scratch!

Heading back home I love going from water towers to...

Reunion Tower.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Love, Sarah


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