Thursday, June 30, 2011


When's the last time you looked at your Myspace?

Last night I went through my old picture albums on there and it was like looking into a time capsule!  

I saved some of my favs and thought I would share them on here....

This beautiful girl did this to my car one night.....

I thought it was hilarious until I realized the sprinklers got all the post-it's wet and it took me a good hour scrapping each one off before going into work!

My mom graduated from UCONN! 

I use to golf ALL the time!!

I was a wide receiver for BVB

This was on our first trip together to Mexico.

And this is on my first trip to NYC.

I can't get enough of horses!  I actually needed my gallbladder removed on this ride and didn't know why I was in pain! 

We have a soft spot in our heart for Costa Rican monkeys!

This is my favorite view in Aspen.


Bang Bang I shot you down.

Here's to good ol' Myspace!!

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

That last picture...where's Clyde?

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