Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Tour : Roof

For the past couple years we have been out of town for the Fourth of July.  Last year we were down in Costa Rica watching our friends from our security cameras enjoying our roof while the fireworks were going off.  This year I think we're gonna try it out ourselves.  

Paul designed and built the entire roof deck.  He had a welder make the railings and he put in the wood planks and created the planters out of the same material.  He also created the fire pit.  The roof is definitely his little area to work on.  He waters the plants and comes up here daily.  

Paul designed this large orange sail.  It was sooo hard to put up because of how tight the fabric is and it was made from Pauls dimensions he gave them so we had no one to blame but him if we couldn't get it to work.  Thankfully I think it has loosened up a little bit from when we first put it up.  

I love how the sun sets behind downtown Dallas.

We usually have to change out most our plants each year because we never can keep them alive through the winter.

This palm tree survived the winter thank goodness!! here to see us craning him in last year.  

Paul had his eye on all the medal Room & Board furniture for awhile ...and luckily he waited long enough to get them all on sale!  

What's so funny is this is one of my favorite parts of the house and I rarely come up here.  I'm gonna have to work on that!  I enjoy it the most when it's at night with the lights on, listening to music with my husband.

Have a Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

Love, Sarah


Liz said...

Your roof looks amazingly relaxing and the palm tree would make me feel like I was on vacation everyday. Thanks for your sweet comment :)

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