Monday, July 18, 2011

Lemon/Lime Birthday Party!!

So I am horrible at throwing parties.  I usually give everyone the wrong time and I completely wait for the last minute to put it together.  I have huge bins of party supplies in my garage, so I never have to go out and buy plates, cups, at utensils and have an assortment of decorations.

Well, I decided to throw my friend Stephanie a surprise party, but I ended up telling her the same day, correction... same moment I thought about doing it.  So this put accountability on my end to do it right.  And I actually put a real evite together and bought the decorations a WEEK before the party.  It was a huge step for me and I totally loved it.  

Stephanie's friends were wonderful and it was such a great time.

I didn't take any picture of the layout and since I'm also lazy and still haven't cleaned, I took some recap picks of the leftovers today! 

 I bought wrapping paper at the Container Store to lay on the table for some color.

I made this dry-erase frame here.

I bought ribbon to play with and decided to put some tears on the vintage fan I found in our attic.

I think I ate most the orange slices.

We made lemon drop drinks since Steph loves lemons.

I just cut different colored ribbon and tied them together and hung it from the light fixture bar.

I'm ready to start throwing more parties with putting more effort into them!

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Love, Sarah


lins said...

sarah, that dress you are wearing is too cute!! looks like such a fun party!

Becky said...

So cute Sarah! I love the ribbon fan idea!

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