Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SGIYL S. Korea : King Spa & Komart

King Spa has been on my list to go to for awhile now.  Even before I picked Korea as my global local destination this month.  

 I wanted to check out King Spa with a friend but knew it had to be a guy.  Jun was out of town so that would make Travis my main target.  I'm pretty good at convincing him he needed to go outside of his comfort zone on this one and be my partner in Korea crime.

There was one little part that had us nervous and that would be the TOTAL nude shower/spa.  I'm the girl that doesn't even like to change my clothes in front of my friends.  So I did what I always do when I'm anxious about something; I acted like it didn't bother me one bit.  I walked in that bathhouse and popped my clothes off and strutted in there like I go every weekend.  

Thankfully it really wasn't bad at all.  I even made a friend that shared her soft soap instead of using the provided bar.  Another lady even showed me a trick from going from the hot spas to the freezing cold water with a little added ease.

We both joined up after our showers to find each other in our provided uniforms to explore each of the mystical rooms.  Below are some of my favorite rooms at the spa...

Yellow-soil crystal room

Oxygen room

Salt room

Charcoal room

Our tummies started disturbing our silence, so we ordered a mixture of food and chowed down. 

Then we split paths to head back in the separated bathhouses.

(All photos of the inside belong to KING SPA, you are not allowed to take cameras past the front door.)

Komart was literally feet away so we popped in and also checked out the clothing store Map C.  Personally the clothes inside were over my price point and under our current decade.  So we moved quickly into the mart. 

 Rice anyone?

 ...or what about a fishy?

We had so much fun in Komart.  We went up and down the isles and it literally felt like we were in Korea.  We took some video and I will add it to my Korean experience video at the end of the month! 

...don't be a sissy and go to King Spa!  Just don't go the same day I do!   ;)

Love, Sarah


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