Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SGIYL : See Global In Your Local

I have fun news!

I'm starting a new journey that I will be sharing on my blog.  With help from my husband, it's called See Global in Your Local!  

I have been itching to go travel the world and really soak up everything there is about another country.  But to do so takes time, money, resources, planning and not to mention my job and husband would probably miss me too much.  Sooo... I will be exploring other countries in my own backyard!  I started thinking about how silly I am to long to learn more about other cultures when my own city is full of different ethnicities.  

I'm diving into South Korea.  Luckily one of my best friends is from there.  With the help from him, his family and friends, and a little bit of online research I'm going to learn about their culture including dining, activities, celebrations, traditions and fashion!

I can't wait!  I plan on sharing what I have experienced each Friday.

Love, Sarah


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