Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, it actually hit me that I have never mentioned my job really on here besides Tuesdays post... 

I work for a company called YouPlus Media, LLC which has a daily web content site called You+Dallas. It's a start up company and this month we hit our one year anniversary of being "online"!  We produce really high quality videos about everything Dallas.   

My titled is Manager of Everything and I do basically a little bit of everything.  I'm the Office Manager, Accounts Payable, HR, Producer, and Executive Assistant to our CEO and President Jeff Hinson.  It's a really fun position and I work with AMAZING people.  

With every job there is pros and cons, along with ups and downs, but I have been blessed with my job.  They have been behind me 100% with the difficulties of my back and work with my love to travel.  It's literally .4 miles away from my home and I get to work with actual friends, not just co-workers.  

I produced the following videos, luckily I had crazy talented videographers/editors to work with.  Click on any of the following links to watch the videos...  Last Night at The Metro,  Deep Ellum Arts Festival,  Deep Ellum Zombie Walk,  Planet Beach Contempo Spa,  Sons of Hermann Hall,  Valentines Day, and  La Grange.

So here's to being able to ride my bike to work and hang out with my amigos and call it my job!

Love, Sarah


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