Friday, July 8, 2011

SGIYL S. Korea : Getting Started

To me planning for a trip to another country is part of the fun of actually going somewhere new.  Paul's usually the detailed planner, but I always come up with ideas or wants and he puts them into action.  With my See Global In Your Local, I'm having the same fun with coming up with what I want to learn, experience, and do for this local S. Korean exploration.  

I have already eaten some GREAT Korean food at Chosun Korean BBQ and Korea House this week.  I took some video and will add it to my final video at the end of the month.  But here are some of things I can't wait to do:

{King Spa} I want to go on a weekend and spend all day soaking in the spas, eating in their restaurant, maybe catch a flick, rock out to some karaoke, and possibly get acupuncture!

{Super H Mart & Komart} I want to check out both Korean markets.  Especially H Marts food court!

{Fashion}  I would love to try on a traditional Korean dress.  The original color blocking!

{Art} Even though I have already been to the The Crow Collection of Asian Art and the DMA, I would love to explore them again with more detailed eyes. 

Picture from my previous post, Year of the Rabbit.  

This picture was from my previous post on my Mother/Daughter Dallas Getaway!

Most importantly...

{Tradition}  I can't wait to learn about basic Korean traditions. 

So here's a toast to an exciting month and learning something new!

Love, Sarah


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