Sunday, August 28, 2011

Austin Perfect/Imperfect Getaway

We scooted on down to Austin this weekend.  One of our favorite bands, Off With Their Heads, were playing at Red7 and we wanted to check out the new W hotel.

The hotel was precisely hip and in a great location to get everywhere we wanted to go in walking distance.

Red 7 was hot.   

 And OWTH I'm sure was amazing, but we missed their show.

...going back to that hot thing at Red7.  It was soo hot that we looked at the line up and then waited inside the non-air-conditioned-bar, sitting on the floor in front of the only Sharper Image knock-off fan in the whole place; counting the bands playing until OWTH would be on.

Well somehow/sometime since we got there and until they should have been on, they switched the line-up and OWTH played and left the house.

We were pretty upset...

but we got Eazy E stamped on our hands to get in and some how that made everything ok.

I'll share my favorite vintage shops and divine restaurant find from the trip soon.

Here's to staying cool!

Love, Sarah


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