Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Huntin' in Austin

I love vintage shopping in Austin so much that I ditched our little group at the W pool to walk to S. Congress.  Here's the shop that made me do it:

FEATHERS - south congress

I have never been to Austin without making a direct bee line to this little diamond of a boutique.  Not only do they have a tailored collection of vintage, but they have unique one of a kind hand made jewelry by local artists as well.  Just make a left after you walk in and check out the glass cases.  

I left with two ponchos on this trip, but trust me, I would have taken a few more bags out of there if I didn't think my husband would judge me.

FLASHBACK - first street

The next day I was still jonesing for a vintage fix, so I told Paul just to stop at any vintage store in the city and I would be happy.  So he pulled over to the first one he came across and I landed some great finds.  An elephant caftan floor length dress, a japanese geisha girl printed silk red robe, and a gold bracelet and necklace.  Can you say meant to be?

STYLE STATION - near waco, between exit 347-349

We stopped here on the way back home and I think my counterparts were pretty much over waiting for me to shop through "mothball" clothes (their words, not mine).  So I did a run through of the store in less than 15 minutes.  If you've every been there then you know, I barely dug in past the jeans and boots and I avoided eye contact with the owners.  If you do either, you'll be taking up a solid three quarters of an hour.  

I do want to go back and there and find the perfect new pair of boots and Levi jeans my body has ever seen.  They know their clothes better than anyone, so don't be scared to ask for guidance.  

But until next time Austin, you'll find me at my local Dallas hunts.
Love, Sarah


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