Saturday, August 6, 2011

Costa Rica: New experience at my playa

 We went down to Costa Rica to help our guards family while the mom, Marta, had her fifth baby.  We decided we might as well dive into it with taking three of the kids to the playa all by ourselves.  Paul was a little worried saying that he can barely understand little kids to begin with, who knows what will happen with kids that speak a different language than us!  These kids are absolute angels and we had a blast.

 I had them each draw pictures in my notebook while we waited on our Sunday BBQ at the Ballena Playa.  Arlanso was drawing me the flowers in the vase on the table.

 Armando loves hermit crabs as much as me.  He ended up making a pile of hermit crabs next to our beach blanket.  It was fun watching the pile disappear into the tree line.

 You can tell exactly what Yurelia is thinking with her eyes.  I think they're mom doesn't allow complaining because anytime she was bored you could read it all across her face without her saying a word.

Rock skipping.

We forgot the body board at the house, but luckily Arlanso is resourceful and used a washed up wood slab.

These kids have stolen our hearts.  And I only can imagine their new baby sister will be as special as they are.

This playa has always been my favorite but I have never enjoyed it more with having young laughs filling the air.

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures of those little guys!

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