Sunday, August 7, 2011

K-9 Equipment

Some of you have asked where we got Shadow's kennel and I just received the new Ray Allen catalogue and thought I would share.

Paul came across Ray Allen's site for professional K-9 equipment when we first got Shadow.  We couldn't be happier with the quality and selection they have.  

Here are some of our favorites:

This kennel is awesome and we recently flew it down to stay at our house in Costa Rica.

We have this water bowl in black.  It can roll around and tip over without spilling a drop of water!

The quality of this leash is great.  It feels really strong and durable in your hand.  I use this one leash for both Sergeant and Shadow and I just hold the middle.

We have a different bite suit, but it's just like this one.  We bought ours from a cop on the Dallas K-9 unit.

Here is our wish list from the new catalogue:

Our current bite collars are silver and they don't have the quick release.  We think these would look awesome on Sergeant and Shadow.

This is a stabbing guard that we could put on Shadow when we think someone is on our property in Costa Rica.  

I want to get this and then have Shadow do the canopy tour with us through the jungle!  Paul thinks I'm crazy.

Sergeant's feet burns very easily in this hot Texas heat when we go for walks.  I think he would appreciate some kicks for protection.

And finally check this out...

  It's a camera pack for your dog!  

We will not be making this purchase at $7,895.95 but it sure is pretty cool!

So there you go.  There is our dog supply secrets!

Love, Sarah


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